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Fibras altamente resistentes tensadas de acero inoxidable, tejidas de una forma única para crear una malla de seguridad


Fuertec is a Panamanian Company, with a team that has over 20 years in construction and knows about the challenges of securing a home.

We found a new high tech solution to protecting windows and doors from break-ins, and now focus solely on building custom security screens.

With our stylish window & door systems, you will be able to enjoy pleasant clear views and fresh breezes while knowing your family is protected.

Why choose us?

Fuertec Screens are built using high tensil strength stainless steel Fibers uniquely woven into a secure mesh.

Tensil strength gives the ability to absorb impact without compromising integrity.

Fuertec Screens eliminate reach through access, or breeches from the outside.

Fuertec eliminates leverage points for prying or jacking the window away from the building with its attachment system

Fuertec Screens are cut proof with common tools, and blades.

Fuertec anchoring is distributed evenly throughout the framing firmly attached to the surface. With a 1000lb pullout rate.