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Fibras altamente resistentes tensadas de acero inoxidable, tejidas de una forma única para crear una malla de seguridad

Cleaning & Maintenance

The best method of cleaning is simple!

Regular washing of the coating using a solution of warm water and non-abrasive, pH neutral detergent solution, found at car wash.

Make sure you thoroughly rinse the surfaces after cleaning to remove all residue. You can use a soft cloth, sponge or a soft natural bristle brush.

You might not think it at first, but sheltered areas can be more at risk of coating degradation than exposed areas. This is because wind-blown salt and other pollutants may adhere to the surface and will not be cleaned away with rainfall. These areas should be inspected and cleaned if necessary on a more regular basis.

Lubricate your locking mechanism every 6 months.

Environment Cleaning Schedule intervals
 Heavy Marine or Industrial area  1 week
 Mild Marine or Industrial  2 weeks
 6 miles from salt water or heavy industrial área  1 month
 25 miles or more from the Sea, or industrial area  4-6 months

Use non abrasive ph neutral wash, as in car washes.


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